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Need To Know

Have the whole boat for your family and friends and create your own Yachting Experience with customize charter. The charter rates include breakfast, crew with 2 members, the use of tender boat, use of stand-up paddle boards and other accessories that may be onboard.

There are some things that you and your guests will need to know before you come on board:

The Captain

Yachting Experiences Captains are fully certified and experienced. Their nautical knowledge along with the deep knowledge of the area of the Greek seas uplift the trip of your dreams. The Captain has the overall responsibility for the safety of the guests, crew and vessel at all times. Sailing arrangements may be altered at his discretion, for safety or any other reason.

Guest numbers

The Marine & Coastguard Agency have certified all Yachting Experience boats prior to every charter.

KALLISTA has a certification and is able to carry maximum 6 guests and 2 crew members while on a multi day charter and 10 guests and 2 crew members on a daily charter.

Extra equipment on board

Guests wanting to use the donut rings, the SeaDoo and stand up paddle boards must sign the appropriate disclaimer documentation that will be provided onboard by the crew. This is a strict requirement and cannot be waived.

Wet suits and shoes on board

Wet suits are not provided for charterers and all guests are asked to bring their own if they plan to use donut rings or swim. Wet suits can be rented after request before chartering the boat. Soft deck shoes are requested at all times when onboard.


Small children must be supervised from parents or responsible adults at all times. Moving on board can be a dangerous place especially for individuals not having a prior experience. The crew is not responsible for child minding. The crew may insist that a child or children wear personal buoyancy aids, which will be provided.

Towels & Linen

Towels and linen are provided by the crew. The replacement is made once every 3 days from the crew members.


Only dogs are allowed onboard and for safety reasons we limit the number to one. There are a number of special canine buoyancy aids available onboard. Please advise in advance whether a dog is to be onboard and what size of buoyancy aid is required.

Recommended items to bring and wear

Wind/waterproof jacket
Sun cream
Soft-soled non-marking shoes (no hard heeled shoes please)

Get to us

By Road:

Take the National Road E94, EO Isthmou Archaias Epidavrou/ΕΟ10 and Epar.Od. Ligourio – Porto Heli to your destination in Porto Heli. The fabulous road trip between the green mountains and the little villages will reward your eyes and will be the perfect starting point of your experience. If you need information for your arrival please do not hesitate to contact us.

Map from the airport here


If you need to be transported from anywhere in Greece, please let us know and we can make all the appropriate arrangements.

For any other queries prior to the day please call:

At Greek Yachting Experiences, we care for your memories. That’s why we create yachting experiences that will accompany you for the rest of your life and stories to tell your friends that will fascinate them. We hear your needs, your expectations and we customize our offers according to your dreams.

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