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Operations Manager/Owner

Yiannis is an experienced sailor and marine man, who has spent a lot of years in the boating industry. Along with his entrepreneurial talent, Yiannis is a very capable sailor, participating a yacht regattas. With his studies on Naval Academies, he is keen about safety on board and at the sea.


Booking Officer

Elia acts as the Marketing and booking Officer for Greek Yachting Experiences. Her love for sea and pleasure, make Elia as a unique setter for your experiences.



George is brought up at sea from a young age. With knowledge of safety regulations is a experienced boat man. Student in a Naval Academy to become a captain. He will be responsible for accommodating your safe stay and fun on board.

Our expertise, will deploy a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime sea experiences, bespoke for your needs and pace.

With our boats and our well trained staff, you can live your private paradise on sea. Be the privileged one to enjoy the unique yachting/boating experience in Greek turquoise waters. Create your own pace and route to relaxation during your trip.

At Greek Yachting Experiences, we care for your memories. That’s why we create yachting experiences that will accompany you for the rest of your life and stories to tell your friends that will fascinate them. We hear your needs, your expectations and we customize our offers according to your dreams.

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